Apr 212013

FREE Lecture Series

Anatomy Trains in Movement

The Arm Lines    

 April 26th 5:30-7pm

Using images and videos from dissection, we will review the four myofascial continuities that connect torso to hands, as well as touch on bodyreading techniques for the shoulder girdle.

Fascia 101

May 17th 5:30 -7pm 

Fascia is the fascinating biological fabric that gives us shape, and the glue that holds us together.  Long ignored, the fascial system is now a hot topic and getting its rightful due of attention, from both therapists and researchers.

Reservations appreciated

503 780 2621 www.shellystephenson.com

Learn more about Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains at

 Anatomy Trains.com


Anatomy Trains   In Clay

The Superficial + Deep Front Lines

Kinesthetic learners rejoice! We will build the myofascial continuities in clay on the Manikin© for a true 3-D experience.

Friday May 24th 5-7:30

6 people max   $60 Call 503 780 2621

or email info@shellystephenson.com to reserve your spot.

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