Yelp Me… The Hidden Reviews

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Mar 132013

UPDATE: A sales rep from Yelp called me last week. I explained why I had no interest in giving them more money. She told me that the fact that I appear to have no reviews there was not negatively affecting my results. Unlikely. And that I could ask my clients to write other reviews on Yelp so that they are “Yelpers”, which MAY make what they wrote for me become unfiltered. Okay…. but my clients DO NOT WORK FOR ME.

This inspired me to find Wow. In the range of Yelp disasters it looks like I have it easy.


For about two years now, all of my Yelp reviews have been filtered. As best as I can tell it is because none of the reviewers had done so on Yelp before. The reviews can be seen, if you look really, really hard and click on the faint, tiny font, then type the two hard to see words to prove you are a real person.The effect is my listing looks like I have none. Not good.

Also used to have a bunch on a site called Teachstreet, that one was shut down a year ago.

It is not possible to talk to a human at Yelp. When asked recently by the company in an email survey why I stopped advertising with them, I said that people click on my ad ($3 a click) and see no reviews and move on. Wasted a good bit of money there.

I am not sure if this is “kosher” or not, but I am fed up. So, here are the reveiws from Yelp:

“Shelly  knows so much, one can’t exhaust her supply of ideas as to how to get you well, strong and reaching your potential in health. Her studio is full of gadgets and equipment that she knows how to put to best use. I have personally benefited greatly from her encyclopedic knowledge of  the body, Pilates, KMI and many other modalities she has studied. I gladly send clients to her and of course, hear wonderful reports.”

“Shelly is amazing!  Experienced, competent, compassionate, and intuitive about your body!  I am a 60 year old woman recovering from bulging discs in my cervical and lumbar spine, and Shelly’s work with me definitely  helped facilitate and enhance my healing process, and kept me moving forward in getting my life back.

She also worked with my 30 year old daughter and her husband.  It definitely became a family affair ( you could call it a love affair – we all loved her).

Unfortunately, we’ve all moved away from Portland, and we all miss her (and Portland) like crazy!”

“Shelly is laid back and a pleasure to be around, while also being one of the most knowledgeable practitioners I have learned from.  My husband and I both were experiencing chronic pain (my shoulder/neck and his wrist) when we started working with Shelly.  Through our sessions, we were able to get stronger, healthier, and pain free, all while having fun!
My mother also is a happy and satisfied client of Shelly’s.  Go see her, bring your friends and family – you will all be healthier and happier for it!”

“After taking Pilates lessons from Shelly for several years and doing the KMI series, my back and shoulders are flexible and strong and I no longer have backaches. My core strength enables me to sit up with ease. I look forward to the sessions and leave feeling invigorated. Shelly watches my movements closely and makes needed changes to my technique enabling me to get the most from the exercises safely.

I would recommend Shelly to anyone.”

I have been seeing Shelly for Pilates for about 2 years.  She is a great Pilates instructor, able to explain the movements and adapt as necessary for each person’s ability.  Pilates with Shelly has made me more flexible and much stronger.

I recently did a series of KMI sessions with Shelly.   Each session focuses on a different area, but is adapted to suit particular needs.  In my case, Shelly helped greatly with my chronic lower back and hip pain, freeing up areas that felt “stuck.”  My muscles feel longer and my posture is better. I feel like I am moving more freely.  KMI is amazing, and Shelly is great!”

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“an excellent job”

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Feb 212011

“I have taken quite a bit of training at a different location, but I would say that Shelly Stephenson…did such an excellent job. I had a lot of things clarified. Her simple and modified way of teaching helped refine some of my teaching skills and look forward in implementing what I learned with my clients and students. Her approach help me to understand how to break things down, not overwhelm myself or my students.”

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“inspiring teacher”

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Feb 212011

“Shelly is an inspiring teacher who uses her experience, humor and vast knowledge of the body’s make up to teach her students. Her energy and passion for pilates is on display by the way she pours herself out for her students in an effort to help mold not just good but great future pilates practitioners.”

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“enthusiastic and experienced”

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Feb 212011

“Thank you so much for giving up your time to work with us while we were in Portland. We were so lucky to find such an enthusiastic and experienced instructor. You were reliable and most importantly, you could adapt Pilates techniques to the many different physical needs of the artists. It is rare to find an instructor who is so adaptable and competent with our group of individuals. Everyone enjoyed their sessions and gave me excellent feedback, which is pretty impressive because they are a difficult bunch to please! I wish you were coming to the next city with us.”

— Michelle Sinclair, Health Services Supervisor, Cirque du Soleil-Corteo

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“…truly changed my life.”

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Feb 212011

“Seven months of Pilates has done more for my physical well-being than thirty years of prescription medications and physical therapy. I can raise my arms above my head, reach behind my back, and walk downstairs. I have more flexibility and a general sense of well being. Shelly’s low-key compassionate training has truly changed my life.”

—Judith Bennigton, Portland

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