Strategic Pilates

Pilates Private 1-Hour Lessons
The principals of Pilates combined with contemporary knowledge and equipment.
Private lessons are always the most efficient way to learn and to create the change your body needs.
You will have my undivided attention as I combine your personal needs and goals together with
my 21 years of teaching experience.
No matter your starting point, together we can find your path to a more resilient and adaptive body with a balanced structure to minimize future troubles.
  • Intro to Body Mechanics (3 Sessions) – $150
  • 1 Session – $80
  • 5 Sessions – $375
  • 10 Sessions – $700
Pilates Semi-Private 1-Hour Lessons
You and a friend or partner can start with private lessons to determine your indidual needs, and in semi-private lessons you can apply what you have already learned in a more autonomous environment.
  • Intro to Semi-Privates (3 Sessions with your chosen partner) – $99
  • 1 Session – $50
  • 5 Sessions – $225
  • 10 Sessions – $400


  • First week Unlimited – FREE
  • 1 Session – $18
  • 5 Classes – $80
  • 10 Classes – $140

Mat Classes are a great way to deepen your connection to your body– and gain a wealth of exercises that you can take with you anywhere.  There is much focus on breath and alignment as well as core stabilization and strengthening.  Classes are small and catered to the needs of the individuals in attendance, and may use small props such as magic circles, foam rollers, and small balls.  Mats are provided.


  • 1 Session – $33
  • 5 Classes – $155
  • 10 Classes – $290

Equipment / Reformer Classes build upon the Pilates mat work and expand it– using the Pilates machines to help assist and resist movements.  Reformer classes will take place exclusively on the reformer.  Mixed Equipment classes will utilize the reformer, wunda chair, springboard, bosu and other small props.  In addition to building strength and length, all students will also develop a familiarity with all of the Pilates equipment.

Or ever try a session of KMI: Kinesis Myofascial Integration?

Shelly Stephenson PMA®-CPT, KMI Certified
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