Pilates Teacher Training & Continuing Education


2017  Pilates Teacher Training & Continuing Education
with Shelly Stephenson PMA®-CPT, BCSI
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Or call: 1-877-PILATES (1-877-745-2837)Location: unless otherwise noted, all trainings with Shelly Stephenson will be held at:
Ankeny Street Studio 975 SE Sandy Blvd, Suite #108, Portland, OR 97214

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Pilates Teacher Training 2017

Mat Training is limited to 8 students

Reformer Training is limited to 4 students

Mat 1 February 24,25,26 Early registration is $375 + $80 for manual + video

Anatomy in 3-D March 17, 18, 19     Early registration is $420

(16 PMA Continuing Education credits)

Mat 2 March 31st-April 2 Early registration is aic bend hands$375 + $80 for manual +video

Reformer 1 April 21, 22,23 Early registration  $495 + $80 for manual +video

Reformer 2 May 19, 20, 21 Early registration is $450 + $80 for manual +video

Reformer 3 June 23,24,25 Early registration is $450 + $80 for manual +video

More workshops/ dates to come…

I have been doing Pilates Teacher Training for sixteen years.

I love it and I like to think I am good at it. I keep the classes small allowing for maximum personal attention and a more personalized learning environment.

If you are interested in the training, please click on the Balanced body logo to see the training details.

Then contact me so we can discuss it in person. info@shellystephenson.com


Anatomy in Clay


Mini Workshops / Brain Food

Walking The Lines:

Gait, Anatomy Trains & Fascial Efficiency

Night 1: What is Fascia?

Fascial recoil the basic properties

and connected nature of fascia

Friday February 6th 5-7pm $20 

Night 2: ‘Essential Events’

(movements that need to be present within joints)

The mechanics of efficient gait and the chain of events

from the feet to the spine and into the shoulders.   

Friday February 27th 5-7pm $20 

Night 3: What does the spine do in gait? 

Tools to investigate, analyze and intervene.

Friday March 6th 5-7pm $20

Reservations appreciated. Come to one or all nights.

503 780 2621

Park and enter at SE 9th Ankeny

Report from the Fascia Congress

I am going to the Fascia Research Congress, and I would like to tell you about it!
Report From the Fascia Congress
Friday September 25th 4:30 -6:30pm $10

Anatomy Trains in Movement
Friday November 13th 4:30-6:30 $15
We will look at the superficial front and back lines
of the body and their relationship to gait.

Reservations appreciated. Sign up online.

503 780 2621

Park and enter at SE 9th Ankeny

Anatomy In 3-D

Interested in Anatomy in Clay for your group?
Contact me for details   info@shellystephenson.com

Introduction to Musculoskeletal Anatomy
Learn or review the basics of musculoskeletal anatomy by building muscles in clay on a specially designed mini skeleton called a Maniken®. (Yes, this is as cool as it sounds!)

In this workshop we review the essentials of musculoskeletal anatomy by building the body layer by layer using the Anatomy Trains as our guide. We will also use self palpation, video from dissection, and movement exercises.

BBU Anatomy is specifically geared toward Pilates and all other movement teachers and includes practical exercises on the functions of the muscles and joints allowing you to embody the information more effectively.

Learn more about Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains at

 Anatomy Trains.com 

Register now at Pilates.com
Or call: 1-877-PILATES (1-877-745-2837)
Shelly Stephenson PMA®-CPT, KMI Certified

Workshops customized for your group’s needs also available.