Anatomy Trains in M o v e m e n t

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Nov 052013

Whatever your movement modality –

yoga, Pilates, personal training, or rehabilitative exercise , an understanding of myofascial continuities

(Anatomy Trains) offers skills that movement professionals can use to see their clients more clearly and work more effectively.

Completely transform your view of myofascial anatomy  and expand your ability to assess your clients’ postural and movement patterns.

December 7th  10-4   December 8th   10-3pm    $145


Shelly Stephenson, BSCI , Associate Instructor of Anatomy Trains

*These classes are offered in association with Anatomy Trains, but are not a certified Anatomy Trains course and do not satisfy the prerequisite for Kinesis certification training.
Learn more about Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains at Anatomy

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Fall Workshops/ 2013 Pilates Teacher Training

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Aug 212013




Bodyreading is key is personalizing your work for your clients.




Mat 1 +  Movement Principals

September 27th 3-7pm ,  28th 11am – 6pm,     29th 10am – 4pm

$425, Manual + DVD $75

Mat 2

October 25th 3 – 7pm,     26th 11am – 5pm,    27th 10am – 4pm

$399, Manual + DVD $75


Anatomy in 3 Dimensions

November 22nd 2 – 7pm,    23rd 10am – 5pm,    24th 10am – 4pm

$475 before 11/11/13        6 students max     $60 Trail Guide to the Body


Reformer 1

January 24th, 25th, +26th

$465, Manual + DVD $75, 4 students max

Program details + more courses       at








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BodyReading with Thomas Myers

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Apr 232013

It is official, Tom will be in Portland at East West College September 14 and 15 to present

BodyReading: Global Postural Assessment Skills

Read the class description here



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Free Lectures/ Anatomy Trains in Clay

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Apr 212013

FREE Lecture Series

Anatomy Trains in Movement

The Arm Lines    

 April 26th 5:30-7pm

Using images and videos from dissection, we will review the four myofascial continuities that connect torso to hands, as well as touch on bodyreading techniques for the shoulder girdle.

Fascia 101

May 17th 5:30 -7pm 

Fascia is the fascinating biological fabric that gives us shape, and the glue that holds us together.  Long ignored, the fascial system is now a hot topic and getting its rightful due of attention, from both therapists and researchers.

Reservations appreciated

503 780 2621

Learn more about Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains at



Anatomy Trains   In Clay

The Superficial + Deep Front Lines

Kinesthetic learners rejoice! We will build the myofascial continuities in clay on the Manikin© for a true 3-D experience.

Friday May 24th 5-7:30

6 people max   $60 Call 503 780 2621

or email to reserve your spot.

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Yelp Me… The Hidden Reviews

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Mar 132013

UPDATE: A sales rep from Yelp called me last week. I explained why I had no interest in giving them more money. She told me that the fact that I appear to have no reviews there was not negatively affecting my results. Unlikely. And that I could ask my clients to write other reviews on Yelp so that they are “Yelpers”, which MAY make what they wrote for me become unfiltered. Okay…. but my clients DO NOT WORK FOR ME.

This inspired me to find Wow. In the range of Yelp disasters it looks like I have it easy.


For about two years now, all of my Yelp reviews have been filtered. As best as I can tell it is because none of the reviewers had done so on Yelp before. The reviews can be seen, if you look really, really hard and click on the faint, tiny font, then type the two hard to see words to prove you are a real person.The effect is my listing looks like I have none. Not good.

Also used to have a bunch on a site called Teachstreet, that one was shut down a year ago.

It is not possible to talk to a human at Yelp. When asked recently by the company in an email survey why I stopped advertising with them, I said that people click on my ad ($3 a click) and see no reviews and move on. Wasted a good bit of money there.

I am not sure if this is “kosher” or not, but I am fed up. So, here are the reveiws from Yelp:

“Shelly  knows so much, one can’t exhaust her supply of ideas as to how to get you well, strong and reaching your potential in health. Her studio is full of gadgets and equipment that she knows how to put to best use. I have personally benefited greatly from her encyclopedic knowledge of  the body, Pilates, KMI and many other modalities she has studied. I gladly send clients to her and of course, hear wonderful reports.”

“Shelly is amazing!  Experienced, competent, compassionate, and intuitive about your body!  I am a 60 year old woman recovering from bulging discs in my cervical and lumbar spine, and Shelly’s work with me definitely  helped facilitate and enhance my healing process, and kept me moving forward in getting my life back.

She also worked with my 30 year old daughter and her husband.  It definitely became a family affair ( you could call it a love affair – we all loved her).

Unfortunately, we’ve all moved away from Portland, and we all miss her (and Portland) like crazy!”

“Shelly is laid back and a pleasure to be around, while also being one of the most knowledgeable practitioners I have learned from.  My husband and I both were experiencing chronic pain (my shoulder/neck and his wrist) when we started working with Shelly.  Through our sessions, we were able to get stronger, healthier, and pain free, all while having fun!
My mother also is a happy and satisfied client of Shelly’s.  Go see her, bring your friends and family – you will all be healthier and happier for it!”

“After taking Pilates lessons from Shelly for several years and doing the KMI series, my back and shoulders are flexible and strong and I no longer have backaches. My core strength enables me to sit up with ease. I look forward to the sessions and leave feeling invigorated. Shelly watches my movements closely and makes needed changes to my technique enabling me to get the most from the exercises safely.

I would recommend Shelly to anyone.”

I have been seeing Shelly for Pilates for about 2 years.  She is a great Pilates instructor, able to explain the movements and adapt as necessary for each person’s ability.  Pilates with Shelly has made me more flexible and much stronger.

I recently did a series of KMI sessions with Shelly.   Each session focuses on a different area, but is adapted to suit particular needs.  In my case, Shelly helped greatly with my chronic lower back and hip pain, freeing up areas that felt “stuck.”  My muscles feel longer and my posture is better. I feel like I am moving more freely.  KMI is amazing, and Shelly is great!”

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Dissection Workshop

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Feb 072013

Anatomy Trains Dissection 1/2013Anatomy Trains Dissection Workshop January 2013

Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment

5 days in the dissection lab. Something I had never done before.

An enlightening, watershed, transformative experience that is difficult to explain.

The best analogy I can think of is that it is the difference between looking at a map and walking down the street. It was not so much that I aquired new information, although I did, and  in abundance. The main effect is a deepening of my appreciation of our various tissues. To see/ feel the attachment of the IT band on the femur was profound, as one example.

This workshop will happen again next January. All Kinesis workshops are listed here.

In the meanwhile, University of the Western States holds various workshops in their cadaver lab. There is a four hour version coming up this April.


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Anatomy in 3-D+ Free Lecture Series

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Nov 122012

In this course we follow the AnatomyTrains Myofascial Meridians to build all of the major muscles of movement in clay. building on a specially designed skeleton. You will learn the structure and function of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments  This course emphasizes function and uses movement, self palpation, dissection video, etc. in order to reinforce and apply your knowledge to movement.

November 30-December 2nd
$455.00  + $55.00 for Trail Guide to the Body 4th ed   
6 Students maximum   Sign Up Here



Free Lecture Series

Anatomy Trains in Movement

 The return of Friday night anatomy geek night!

December 14th 5:30-7pm  Fascia 101,  Superficial Front Line

January 11th 5:30-7pm Tensegrity, The Superficial Back Line

February 22nd 5:30-7pm Deep Front Line

March 22nd 5:30-7pm The  Spiral Line

April 12th 5:30-7pm TBD

Please reserve your spot  503 780 2621

*This class is offered in association with Anatomy Trains, but is not a certified Anatomy Trains course and does not satisfy the prerequisite for Kinesis certification trainings

Learn more about Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains at



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Rolfing: No Longer a Fringe Therapy

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Oct 022012

Not super well researched but it does have some salient facts. It is always good when the work is mentioned in the world.  Reminds me of some of the first Pilates articles…a tad embarrassing but still good to see.

By Rett Fisher | U.S.News & World Report LP – Wed, Sep 5, 2012

After eight years with the Philadelphia Orchestra, C.J. Chang, the principal viola, says he “couldn’t really play more than 10 minutes without severe pain.” Doctors diagnosed an overgrown muscle in his right hand, but neither massage nor ultrasound provided relief. A colleague recommended that Chang try an alternative therapy known as Rolfing. After the fifth or sixth treatment, Chang says, he felt his “whole hand just freeing” and was able to resume his career.

Rolfing Structural Integration was developed in the 1930s by Ida P. Rolf, a biochemist from New York, after she was diagnosed with spinal arthritis. Rolf focused on the role of the fascia, a form of connective tissue that envelops different muscle groups, allowing them to move freely in relation to each other and often across several joints. When an injury occurs, she theorized, the fascia tightens around that injury, somewhat like a cast or band-aid. Even after the injury heals, the fascia stays in that rigid position, often causing chronic pain and discomfort. Structural Integration is a form of deep tissue massage that stretches and opens the fascia, correcting misalignment and restoring balance throughout the whole body. Actor Christopher Reeve was treated around his lungs to allow him to breathe without his ventilator. Figure skater Michelle Kwan has used the therapy to gain a competitive edge, help with her balance, and recover from injuries more quickly.

[See Advances Against Chronic Pain.]

New support. While many schools around the world teach Structural Integration, only the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colo., is accredited by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation. As of April, the United States alone had approximately 1,000 certified Rolfers. And this number is likely to continue expanding.

Long ignored as a fringe therapy, Structural Integration, which consists of 10 weekly sessions of 60 to 90 minutes, has recently been getting serious attention from researchers. The National Institutes of Health provided a grant for the First International Fascia Research Congress in 2007, which brought together therapists, scientists, and doctors.

More recently, Eric Jacobson, a research associate at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston and a lecturer at Harvard Medical School’s department of global health and social medicine, received an NIH grant to study Structural Integration’s effect on chronic low back pain, which affects 16 million American adults. Other research has shown the therapy reduces the pain of fibromyalgia.

[See 6 Simple Ways to Improve Symptoms of Fibromyalgia]

Bradley Smith, a 53-year-old chemical engineer from Albuquerque, N.M., is already convinced of its power against back pain. He was starting to accept his pain as an inevitable part of the aging process until some of his scientist friends recommended he try the therapy. He became such a big fan that he’s thinking about becoming a Rolfer himself when he retires in four years.

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Mat 1 filling up fast / Anatomy Trains

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Sep 172012

Only three spots left for Mat 1! Register with Balanced Body.

Mat 1 September 28th, 29th, and 30th  2012    $425 + $75 for manual and dvd. 

Class limited to 10 people.

There still is room in the upcoming Anatomy Trains in Movement weekend. Get em while they are hot! Once I am certified Instructor of Anatomy Trains, the price will be double (but the workshop will come with CEC’s.) Life is full of trade offs, yes?

October 6th 10am to 6pm,  $95*

To register call 503 780 2621 or online 

Looking to get CEC’s for your Anatomy Trains weekend? There is a AT for Manual Therapists weekend coming up January 18-20 2013 at East West College. Taught by the very experienced Peter Ehlers, Early Registration is $325 and gives you 18 CEC’s. This is right before the 500 hour KMI training starts here in Portland. I am very excited about having the training here, I hope to hang about as much as possible and be helpful where I can. I did my training in Seattle in 2007 and it was a very profound experience. You can find the dates for all the Portland events here.

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